The Joshua

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Road course



How did this all begin?  My kids received a Hot Wheels track kit many years ago for one of their birthdays.  I made them a basic track to play on...then I began to play on it...then I was determined to build a bigger and better track (for my kids of course)...then I built it...then I played on that...and the cycle was born.  I then progressed to the point of doing research on how to build a better and bigger track and stumbled upon 3DBotmaker.  I was in awe.  What world of Diecast racing did I just stumble upon???

After being inspired by what I had seen online, I built several tracks around the house.  Eventually, I decided to build the biggest one I had ever done that would fill an entire small room in my house.  I was so happy with how cars performed on it, I decided to decorate it, name it, and make it more permanent.  "The Joshua" was born.

"The Joshua" gets its height from plastic shelving units custom cut to specific heights.  Wooden ramps are mounted to the plastic shelving.  Tripods are used for support at the midpoints of longer wooden ramps that need it.  The track begins with dueling single lane (Hot Wheels track) and opens up to Adventure Force Crash Racers 2-lane open track.  The finish straight opens up even further to 3 wide track (Hot Wheels Augmoto).  The opening corner is custom made by Slanman Customs.  The rest of the corners are Adventure Force Crash Racer corners.  2-lane to 3-lane track connector is from Slanman Customs along with the start gate and finish line timing system.  As for the decorations, most can be found at your local Hobby Lobby :)