2 car or 4 car races.

1Jungle_Falls Saturday, 5/25/2024

I'm hosting my first event at Jungle Falls Raceway June 1st. I have received a lot of cars from all over the world. I am thankful for everyone participating in the event.              My first hang up..                                         I plan on racing 4 cars at a time with a point system determining winner.   I setup a 16 car bracket and was starting to film when I noticed the cars weren't finishing.         I have filmed thousands of races in the past year and never had any problems with them not finishing.  What I didn't take into consideration was the car itself.  The Volkswagen Beetle has a different center of gravity.  Seems to tip over a lot.   Out of the 4 groups of 4, 5 races out of 16 had 1 car finish.    Individualy  when I test car just to make sure it will finish the track 90% finish.       

I didn't account for smaller length being a problem. So in the interest of everyone I need opinions on how you would like to proceed. 

A.   I put up flag/checkpoints. And you get points based on how many checkpoints you pass. 4 car races. 

B.  We do 2 car Races. 1 race in each lane. Win 2 in a row an advance.                              If both win 1 race, it will go to fastest time. Checkpoints will also be play. 

C. I film everyone's car running solo, and strictly do fastest time. 

Last option. I film as is and we all watch a bunch of chaos.      Please voice opinions, just want to put out a quality race for everyone.                                                                        

                            Thanks,  Jason.                                                              (justalilprick)


Those are all viable options as far as I am concerned. With C being the least desireable to me. So A. then D (last option), then B then C...

You're the host so whatever is best for you will be acceptable.

Personal opinion - 4 cars race - check point flags in effect - switch lanes and race again - completing each car in all 4 starting positions.  The 4 car chaos will be exciting.  Winner is going to be determined by points (check points completed).   

 If you do Individual or 2 cars at a time your filming process and editing may draaaag oooonnn and get to be a large time investment?


  • This is also my opinion. — JBlotner42
  • Dutch is correct, as it does take a Lot of time with running two compared to four. My two cents is run them at four and let the Chaos ensue! — Bent_Rod_Racing

I really enjoy the 4-car races where they have to fight for position and only get points for crossing the Finish Line; and redo the lap if no cars finish. There's something interesting about the checkpoint scoring too, mostly in the Gaslands style races. The VW Beetles are a little top heavy, so I purposely added my weights as low as I could. With the length and variety of your track, I'd sure like to see the Bugs make it all the way down if possible. I'm curious if Herbie can make it all the way to the Finish Line, fighting the odds, just like in the movies. I'm hoping the Lady Bug can do well too, representing the classic Lesney Matchbox brand, having different wheel spacing and tire sizes. Watching how the different cars handle the track can be a good learning experience for everyone. You're the host and it's your track, so whatever you decide to do should be entertaining anyhow.

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Chris_Hood 5/25/24

100% with what Dutch said. It will be less work overall for you as a host and we get to see some meaningful competiton even where races end without actual finishes.

When Bay City Diecast held its VW Bug event, I believe it was with tongue firmly in cheek regarding this family of vehicles' ability to run. Vittoria Diecast Motorsports was caught a little off guard with the number of DNFs in their similar tournament. Both were enjoyable shows, I think it comes down to the attitude of the host. Sprinkle in the humour, or pump up the drama, whatever works. Still, regardless of how a host approaches the race and how the racing shakes out, the important thing is keep it fun. 

  • I believe Darrell's description was "These Bugs are like toddlers on pixy stix" - paraphrasing. — FeralPatrick
  • Lolllll!!!! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • That's Darrell's style for sure!!! Hahahaha, yep! — Chris_Hood
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StrayDog 5/25/24

I agree with what others have said: You're the host so you can decide what you feel is best for you.

Personally I'm a fan of chaos so watching a bunch of bugs trying to finish can be a lot of fun. Everyone can have a good laugh over watching the most spectacular wipeouts and winning is a bonus.

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FeralPatrick 5/25/24

Save yourself the hassle of filming and editing and run 'em 4-up. Chaos is fun! Checkpoints seem like a good solution to not finishing. 

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Chaos_Canyon 5/25/24

On our previous Chaos Canyon track, for certain tournaments (mostly 6 and 8 cars running) we had an area of the track that could cause an accident and cars that were still running would get caught up and not cross the finish. To get around those cars not getting any points, if you were between the exit to Carhooner Corner and the finish and still on your wheels, you got half the points for your position. This seemed to work well for us.

  • thats what I was wondering, a combo of distance and place. Assign distance points to the end and then 4,3,2,1 for placement — dr_dodge
  • field ranks by your total points — dr_dodge

I feel your pain. It's challenging to have a lot of cars to race and also be fair to everyone while not having the tournament totally consume your life. 

Maybe race all 4 wiith checkpoint points and once you get down to a top 16 or so, you could start the 2 at a time, best of 3 moves on...

Whatever you choose, we are all excited to see our cars race down your awesome track.

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AbbyNormal 5/26/24

I sent in a bug that struggled a bit on my simple test track. I considered getting a different one but too much going on. I feel its the wheel base and the higher CG. As others have said - your the host and its your track. Thanks so much for being a race host. 

  • Pretty cool looking new Beetle though. — Billys_Midway_Racing
  • Thanks - its a cool casting but so far not to fast. I would love to have one of last super bugs to cruise around in. I did have a ‘68 Fastback dual carbs and a blast to drive. — AbbyNormal
  • There were several VW Beetles in my family at one time. I had a green 1975 Super Beetle with AC and steel sunroof for a few years in the early 90's. I always hoped to have another one or two; a Herbie and a Super Beetle, but that hasn't happened, so I make models of them. :-) — Billys_Midway_Racing
  • A terrific fade that goes so well with the yellow roll cage, sweet!! — Chris_Hood
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AbbyNormal 5/26/24

I would just add that you should 'enjoy' your predicament and have a good time. If you do check points they should have some funny / ironic names etc. Perhaps some special recognition for most likely to: play turtle, barf in turn 1, ....

  • good idea, and yea jungle, no pressure, just have some fun! — dr_dodge

Love the 4 car sets with checkpoints to compensate for the issue you addressed. 

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