2008 Tesla Roadster, is it fast?

RobertBcfc Friday, 11/8/2019

This is a casting I've got no experience of.  A few people have mentioned it as being quick in the "middle of the pack" sense of the word.  Maybe towards the front of the peloton rather than challenging the leaders.

There have been a few variations and I wondered if anyone knew of any that were quicker than the rest?




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redlinederby 11/8/19
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I can't say on variation differences, but do recall that the first issue of that casting was pretty speedy. Not a gold star champ, per se, but nothing to sneeze at. I remember it being fairly heavy too.

Certainly worth getting on the track to see how it compares with other cars.

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WorpeX 11/8/19

I have a green one (worpex.net/player_stats.php?playerID=322) and its a slow poke.

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GspeedR 11/17/19

I have one of the dark orange metallic FE versions that's about 8 out of 10 on the speed scale. I like it because it's a compact, roofless convertible with a low cG and very consistent on my Fat Track courses.

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