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2016 Pro Series: April, GT Classic

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aircooled 6/30/16

I also got my car back today in one piece.   Thanks!!!

My car returned without a scratch. Very important since the 850i is no longer being produced after the Final Run series.

I got my car in the mail today as well.

Mine was undeliverable, no such address. Let me know if it ends up back to you Brian.  

  • Okay, sorry. I'll check the PO this week and resend. PM me your address just to be sure. Thanks. — redlinederby
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EconoCarl 7/5/16

Just got in from vacation and the TeamHalfFast Corvette had arrived safe and sound. 

Our "illegal" entry did not. It looks like this:

  • I have your car still in its sealed box. In my car waiting for me to get to a post office. — Chopper
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EconoCarl 8/3/16

Chopper, I sent you a PM.

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