2020 Diecast Games!!!!

Big_Poppy Monday, 2/17/2020

OK, I've been at this now and think I have things hammered out. There will be a few changes.

What do you guys think?

2020 Diecast Games

4 “stock” entries per team (1 American, 1 Euro, 1 Asian, 1 Fantasy)

(Under 65 grams)     (Dry Lube Allowed)

10 Events:           1) ¼ Mile,  2) ½ Mile, 3) Roll, 4) Push, 5) Obstacle, 6) Climb,

                            7) Slalom, 8) Jump, 9) Fat Track Free For All, 10) Team Relay

Each team will have 2 cars per event, except for the 2 mandatory events (9 & 10) all 4 will compete in them.

Each car will be in 6 events, 2 mandatory & 4 selected.

Send the 4 cars and $5, for return postage. Cars here by June 1st.

Points distribution for 1st – 20th places for each event.

Points for 1st – 20, 2nd – 19, 3rd – 18 and so on to 20th – 1.

Awards for Top 3 Americans, Top 3 Euros, Top 3 Asians, Top 3 Fantasies, Top 3 Overall Cars, and Top 3 Overall Teams.

Limit 1 team per individual, 3 per household unless cleared with me before sending cars. 

Right now I am setting NO limit to cars.

So there's where I am at right now. The tracks will be improved this year, as well as the video.

Let me know if you can think of anything to help it!

Big Poppy 


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redlinederby 2/17/20
Site manager

Wow, sounds great...sounds like a lot! I think if you get all the details hammered out on what push, roll, climb, etc. all means you'd have a lot of interest. And having top positions for each class is a great idea too, lets everyone have a better chance at winning something.

I had been kicking around the idea of some sort of a Hot Wheels tractor pull (or push) type of thing but haven't quite figured out how I'd do it. I'm excited to see how you're planning out the events...this could be something we offer every year or even as one-off events in the future.

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WorpeX 2/17/20

I like it but why stock entries?

  • There are many "mod" races all year. This is a chance for ppl who don't mod to participate in a large scale competition. I'm trying to get others interested in racing and modding. — Big_Poppy

i'm in

  • Address to be announced later. I'm moving May 1st, or that is the plan. — Big_Poppy




gazella gt

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Mayfield41 2/22/20

I want in for this. Sounds like it will be competitive 

Count me in. This sounds like a lot of fun!

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Mattman213 2/24/20

Woah man I dunno if I have enough quick stock cars but I'll see what I can do!!!  Count me in.


Check out last year's inaugural diecast games on the Big Poppy Racing  YouTube channel to get an idea of what each event looks like.

  • Will do! — Mattman213
  • Just watched all 10 events and that was cool. I have my american car picked out. Still looking around for the others. Love the concept of all the possible winners. — Mayfield41

I just watched last year's games and I'm pumped for this year!

Possibly obvious answer to this: Are we allowed to take the car apart to lube and put it back together with screws or no?

My team is ready!

  • Rust Belt bringing Tom tom the Pain Train.... Haha good luck guys! — Houdini0333
  • Haha he's comin for ya! — RustBeltRacing
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