2020 RLDRL Point Standings

LeagueofSpeed Sunday, 1/5/2020
Event coordinator

                                  2020 RLDRL Point Standings thru February  Race

1st - 9.81 Racing  8pts

2nd(t) - G-Force Racing  7pts

2nd(t) - MattMan213  7pts

3rd - League of Speed  6pts

4th - Go Time Racing  4pts

5th(t) - 41-14 Racing  3pts

5th(t) - Lady of Speed  3pts

5th(t) - Voxxer Racing  3pts

6th(t) - Red Pill Racing  2pts

6th(t) - High Noon Racing  2pts

6th(t) - Outlaw Racing  2pts

6th(t) - Bayou City Bandits  2pts

6th(t) - MDG Racing  2pts

6th(t) - ND Racing  2pts

6th(t) - 72 Chevy C10  2pts

7th(t) - North 271 Racing  1pt

7th(t) - Team 164B  1pt

7th(t) - Traction Event  1pt

7th(t) - Go Go Maxzilla  1pt

7th(t) - Renegade Racing  1pt

7th(t) - Speedzilla  1pt

8th(t) - Speed Force  0pts

8th(t) - Team 164K  0pts

8th(t) - Space City Speed  0pts

8th(t) - HTown Hustle  0pts

8th(t) - DVB Racing  0pts

8th(t) - Rivera Racing  0pts

8th)t) - Mayfield 41  0pts

8th(t) - Weber Racing  0pts


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NDeavers80 1/5/20

Who's hosting in February 

  • I'm hosting every month until someone request to host the cars — LeagueofSpeed
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NDeavers80 1/5/20

Oh ok

Hail yeah... I'm not last yet!

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LeagueofSpeed 1/14/20
Event coordinator

Bump....BV can you tag this with other RLDRL topics please

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LeagueofSpeed 2/24/20
Event coordinator

Bump for February Update....