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2021 RLD Nationals - The Z Cars

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LeagueofSpeed 8/17/20
Event coordinator

Mayfield41 has there's an Open Slot 

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TheMakersBox 8/24/20

The Maker's Box would like to send a team.

  • Accounted for and good Luck — LeagueofSpeed
  • Thanks! You left the "***One Open Slot***" on the bottom of the entry list. — TheMakersBox

Was digging thru my boxes of cars looking for possibilities because I'm juiced after watching my first mod races and what do I find.... Forgot I even had this.

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LeagueofSpeed 8/26/20
Event coordinator

Field is now Full Again...

  • This is a big time event. I'm surprised there isnt a waiting list. the racers and the tracks involved. this is gonna be prime. — MikeDoolzinski
  • I’m looking forward to it — BlueLineRacing
  • we get closer to Green...the waiting list usually starts to grow — LeagueofSpeed
  • I'm glad I got in early. these are gonna be my birthday races. — MikeDoolzinski
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TheMakersBox 8/27/20

If someone can pull this off for this event, my hats off!  This is actualy photograph of a real car!

  • That's a helluva paint job — Kit_Kayem
  • MDG does some hydro dipping that could definitely come close — LeagueofSpeed
  • That splitter on the front may not work. Depends on the degree of the track. Could scrape the track and slow it down. — MikeDoolzinski
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LeagueofSpeed 9/10/20
Event coordinator

Getting my Z's culled and lined up in the Workshop...we're 4 months out from going Green on the 2021 RLD Nationals!!!

Photos to come...

...Good Luck on the Builds!!!

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LeagueofSpeed 9/15/20
Event coordinator team has deleted their post and bailed...

...RLD Nationals has one spot open

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RAGTAG_JIM 9/16/20

one is done already and working on the other..... not sure where i wanna go with it yet.....

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