2024 ultra hots are all metal!!

Vulfgang Tuesday, 6/4/2024

Went to Target and grabbed an Ultra Hots 81 Ford Fairmont. 46.6 grams and the wheels spun well right out of the package. I'm not a big fan of the weird stripe flame things, but it's quick. All my metal chasis cars take a while to break in. They just keep getting faster the more you race them. I take my new cars that will not be disassembled and roll them back and forth while applying light pressure. This seems to break in wheels to axles, and axles to chasis, then lube with graphite. Wheel spin time on the Faimont doubled after this prep. It's someplace in my top 100 for the 1/8 mile track. 


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Banjo 6/5/24

I'm building that same car as we speak. Body is primed and trying to think of a color scheme. 
I have noiticed a lot of the ultra hots have a wobble when you run them down the track tho. 

  • My opinion.....the narrow (width) wheel base models seem to get that back end "fish tail" wiggle. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Not just in Ultra Hots....most models.....in my opinion. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Fairmont has good wheel well clearance for wider, more stabil rear wheels. — Vulfgang
  • I have a couple good narrow wheel cars that do best on 1/8 mile short tracks. Buick GS, 69 Charger, the Fairmont. By the end of a quarter mile, the wobble takes its toll on speed. I wax the sides cause I know they are going to rub and bounce off the track. Sanding the wheels so only the outside edge contacts the track helps keep the wobblies under control. — Vulfgang
  • That’s a couple great ideas Vulfgang. — Banjo
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Kingjester 6/5/24

Out of 8 current ultra hots, 4 of them are metal on metal, the ford fairmont, amc javelin, Pontiac gto, and Pontiac firebird.

  • thanks for that... I have been able to find a few Fairmonts but none of the others... woukd love to get a few of those! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing

My 2 Fairmonts I bought just weren't that fast.

  • I find a lot of slow cars have loose axles so the wheels rub on the body. I've had good luck glueing axles down to create clearance. This is especially true for low clearance sports cars, Lambo, Porsche, McLaren...e, — Vulfgang
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