3 Recent WorpeX.net tournaments!

WorpeX Tuesday, 9/20/2011

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

Hey everyone! WorpeX racing is still running and results from 3 recent events have been posted!

-Beginning of Times- is the first event featuring 16 new cars on the track in a double elimination event!

Notable Cars: Twin Mill 3, Split Vision, Dieselboy, 1957 Chevy, Speed Machine and Power Pistons.

-A World of Fantasy- is a fantasy themed tournament featuring cars with the 'average' ELO rating and an out of this world look!

Notable Cars: Double Shotz, Fast Fish, Hot Seat, Power Pipes, 24 Ours, Splitin' Image II

-Dealer Duel- is a battle between Ferrari, Ford, Chevy and Lotus!

Notable Cars: 1957 Chevy, Lotus M250, Mustang Mach, Ferrari F40

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