3D printed wheels

Chaos_Canyon Wednesday, 5/6/2020

Has anyone used/tried any 3D printed wheels for racng at all? (wheel/tire printed as one piece, rather than rubber tire over 3d wheel)

Just curious if it's something that's worth pursuing and how well they fair on the track.


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redlinederby 5/6/20
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I haven't tried and I admit I don't have the highest end 3D printer, but I would be surprised if all but the fanciest of printers could print and honest round wheels that would be as-good as the retail wheels. It's injection modeling vs printed, and injected will always win that battle.

And for the axle, plastic will generate more friction than nice, smooth metal too. 

But...doesn't hurt to try, so share what you make. Who knows, maybe it'll end up being your secret sauce.

  • Don't have a printer yet, but have friends with them and there's a few PoD services. Just want a particular look of wheel more than anything and struggle to find it, at least with plastic tyres. The ones I like the look of all tend to come with rubber tyres — Chaos_Canyon
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