3DBotMaker hits Jalopnik

redlinederby Friday, 3/6/2020
Site manager

Bravo to Adriel over at 3DBotMaker for getting a shoutout from Jalopnik.

It's safe to say 3DBM's video are amongst the best diecast racing video being produced, I mean, name a channel that even comes close. It's the type of stuff we'd all love to create if we had the dedication (and time, and money, and video skills, and time).

Although I did find it funny that even the Jalopnik guy comments on getting in touch with 3DBM, "I did drop a line to the contact email on the channel’s About page but haven’t heard back. They’re probably too busy setting up the next round of small-scale racing, which I’m OK with."

But the thing is, that's probably the truth!

Great to see diecast racing get a little mainstream coverage and I hope that coverage benefits 3DBM's efforts...and maybe it will trickle down to us little people.

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