3DBotMaker track observations, questions

MarsRacer Tuesday, 11/17/2020

I've recently become very interested in open track racing. 3Dbotmaker really got me. His production and commentary are on another level. That channel will hit 1 million soon I'm sure. Anyway about my observation.  

3D's older race videos in comparison to now looked very erratic with cars crashing, zig zagging and spinning backwards too often.  I've noticed in the last 8 months or so 3D changed his track to what appears to be a more narrow straight and also the 180 turns are not as high. As a result I feel the races have far less cars finishing backwards and zig zagging all the way down the track. The races look more polished and real. I have some questions. 

1) Is my assertion correct that narrower straights and less high 180 turns allow cars to maintain stability? (assuming all other variables are identical) 

2) What track is 3d using for his 180 turns? 




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NDeavers80 11/17/20

Depending on how far back you go he was using hotwheels sizzlers track, than be switched to a track he 3d printed himself and now he is using crash racers 2 lane for the open racing. 

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MarsRacer 11/17/20

Is it the crash racers figure 8 track? And does that track connect to hw orange?

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Kaiju_Colorado 11/17/20

Yes, and yes. Also, He now starts will divided single lanes out of the gate, which allows the cars to pick up speed without all the bumping. His older stuff shows open track from the start gate.

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