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Dadvball Tuesday, 10/15/2019

I just emailed Adriel to inquire about his single lane track timer. Don't know if it's still available as I couldn't find it on his Etsey store. Just in case, would anybody have one they might be willing to part with?

I'm mentoring a 9th grader who is also a LJLRC member who is doing a school project racing cars. He'll be using 1 HW & 1 JL casting, 3 of each. One is stock, 1 will get graphite, & the last gets added weight.  The track will be about 12-13 feet long with a 24"-30" starting section which can be set at both 30 & 45 degrees. The idea is to run each casting about 10 times, record it's time and then find the average. After all is said & done the averages will be compared to determine the fastest and hopefully find out if the heavier castings are clear winners and just how much of an advantage it might have, or if it will be one of the other two.

I was thinking of going with the HW speedometer but they are going for $70 at least and that may be a little bit much. 


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redlinederby 10/16/19
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I talked with 3DBM recently and he basically told me that he was focusing on the MagTrack production and putting finish lines and timers on hold, at least for the immediate future - plus his YouTube channel stuff.

Here's the info I got from him

  • Thank you. He got back to me quickly to say he wasn't making timers or finish line anymore. It's unfortunate because I could use 2 more of the 2 lane finish lines. — Dadvball
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