73 Ford Falcon XB

hotrainiac Thursday, 6/19/2014

I just popped open a 73 Falcon and discovered that the steering wheel is on the right side. After a little research I discovered that the XB was built in Australia from 73-76. Does anyone know if all the Hot Wheel XB's have the Aussie interior?


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redlinederby 6/19/14
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I don't think ever bothered to check the orientation of the interior. I'll check mine out and report. I knew they were the Aussie model but never thought to see if Mattel bothered to get that detail. 

They should all be on the right side because it is that Aussie model. For a while they were drawing high prices on the Australian version of E-Bay.

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hotrainiac 6/20/14

Mine is the one from the Walmart set with the metal Chassis. I just wondered if they were all that way. It has a nice look to it.

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