93 Warner, what is this car?

redlinederby Thursday, 9/16/2010
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Somewhere along the line I got two cars marked "93 Warner" on them, I think they were donation cars. Thing is, I don't know what car they actually are.

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There is no listing for "93 Warner" in the Hot Wheels wiki. The tampo suggests the car is a Corvette, but that search doesn't turn up any matches either. For now I'm calling it a "Corvette Pace Car".

Any of your more serious collector types know what this car actually is?


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Jobe 9/17/10

Something to do with Warner Bros. ? Licensed cars? I found several cars with that stamp through Google search but no explanation of what it meant.

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markkaz 9/17/10

Silly goose. I send you a Treasure Hunt and you opened it! LOL!
I knew you would, that's why I sent it!

1998 Treasure Hunt Corvette Stingray III

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redlinederby 9/18/10
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Pssh...T-Hunts...big deal Yeah, I looked at the other car you sent me that matched and it was stamped with Stingray III. Thanks for the tips. Still would like to know what "93 Warner" means though...curious...


Sorry for the slight gravedig. This was part of a series of cars originally released in the "Demolition Man" series, which also included the Olds Aurora, Pontiac Salsa, and Buick Wildcat. Since the cars were based off of the movie, and the movie was owned by Warner Bros., Hot Wheels put WB's copyright on the base. I think the Aurora and Wildcat still had the Warner bases when they were retired,

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Just_Will 2/23/11

I came across one of my cars that had '93 Warner on the base. I googled "1993 Ford Warner" and "1993 Chevy Warner" and other auto makers and nothing would pop up. I never considered to be Warner Bros related. I feel stupid now...oh well mystery solved.
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