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Secondhand_Speed Wednesday, 1/22/2020

Would anyone be interested in hosting a race for cars with short wheel bases? I thought it would be fun to do something different than the usual, long wheel base and wide body concept. Maybe put ourselves outside of our comfort zone?

Maybe we could also do a race of six wheeled cars? Like the Peterbilt dump truck or the GMC Motorhome.

I will put some examples of cars I was thinking of.

Anyways, it was just a thought. Let me know what you think.


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Team164Bruno 1/22/20

Actually.... I tried one of the red Manga cars at our last test n tune and it wasn't going to beat what was there but it did run way faster and straighter than anyone expected. No wobble at all, No weight either.

- Bruno

  • That is surprising to hear. I was wondering how it would perform. — Secondhand_Speed
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redlinederby 1/23/20
Site manager

Good call. It's been quite a while since we've done a mini race. We'll look at getting one on the books soon. I'd love to see those Manga Tuners roll.

  • That would be awesome! With seeing how LOS structured his Gov'ner/CCM race, maybe one of each casting should be picked or voted in. — Secondhand_Speed
  • I think the last time we did a mini race we just had the maximum length of a car be 2" or something like that. Opens it up to more options but still requires a small car. — redlinederby
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LeagueofSpeed 1/23/20
Event coordinator

I encourage everyone to get involved...hosting a race is a commitment but all the tools you need are right here already on RLD...biggest part of being ready is your track...get it as dialed in as you can. I love seeing ideas come to fruition and a "Shortie" race is great idea...Open Fields are fun, but I tend to try and keep the castings similar most the time...levels the playing field across the board and makes it about the Workshops.

  • I would love to host a race in the future. I have two packs of the 50ft uncut track ready. We are potentially getting a new house with an unfinished basement. If we do end up getting the house and finishing the basement I would like to set up a permanent track. — Secondhand_Speed
  • That sounds awesome — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yeah I definitely have been working to get my track more dialed in so that I can lend a hand and host in the (hopefully) near future. I already have an idea for my first race as well. — Mattman213
  • Music to my ears Gentlemen — LeagueofSpeed
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