A few more cars today.

Jobe Sunday, 8/15/2010

Out running errands and went into a Dollar Tree. I never go in these type of stores but someone said they had cars. They had a better selection of new cars that Target or Toys R Us.

Picked up a few for parts and to customize.

Got a Fast Fish in silver for the wheels.
Also got a 09 Corvette Concept, Ford F-150, 56 Merc, Dodge Charger SRT8 and the 66 GTO wagon.
I think all of these are going to be customized for fun, maybe not the Merc.
Also picked up 3 Mystery cars, but I save those for prizes.

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox


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markkaz 8/15/10

I like all your pics!

What Mystery Cars did you get?

Here's a video of my recent Mystery Cars including the new Passion!


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Jobe 8/15/10

I don't open the Mystery cars, they are given out as prizes at my races. I did have a friend give me the cuda Mystery car...it's awesome! I do so want to open them...oh well. I think I have about a dozen right now, every time I find any I buy them.

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