Customizing and TuningA Modder's Dream - A True Story

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So, two (2) nights ago I had this dream about modifying the Shoebox casting...why, because in theory it is a great candidate for modification...long wheel base, nice stance and plenty of space for weight in the rear of the car. The trick is I haven't thought about this casting in my time awake in...forever, as I don't really even like it, but it is a very solid candidate.

Now this is where it gets my dream I was going to use the Ford Shelby GR-1 as my donor car for the FTE package

So, I dig out the Shoebox which has been buried in a case of cars for over a year and I grab one of my Shelby', I'm standing there saying, " no way "...and yes, the axel length and wheels are a dead match...freaked out in a fun way, but freaked out nonetheless. So, I will of course modify the car since the Universe apparently wants me to and I will call it "Dreamweaver"...due to possible trip to the Astral Plane...only explanation I've got???

Going to run the Shelby's today...the fastest will be the donor car.

Those shoebox can be fast...2Seven built a fast one that won the fat fender race a few years ago

....the Universe thinks their fast to apparently

I'm doing what the Universe wants me to, it better be fast!!!

Nice work L0$, waiting to see where you go with this build. I had one of these castings as well. Purple with wide white walls but my daughter found a way to charm it out of me.

Yeah...daughter's have that unique ability

Dreamweaver is ready to roll

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