A quick trip down Redline Derby memory lane

redlinederby Wednesday, 1/2/2019
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This year celebrates Redline Derby Racing's 10th annivesary (more on that later) and a lot has happened over the past decade. It's gone from the silly idea of one man to a silly idea of hundreds of people. One of those silly ideas was the Fantasy League game that ran from 2010-2014ish.

The Fantasy League here wasn't much different than the pick'em leagues you do on YouTube now, but I like to think the RLD game offered something a little different. One of those details was "live" updates during races.

This was a bit before Twitter, Facebook and YouTube made live streaming as easy as it is today, so the best I could do was publish blog posts as I was racing and people could follow along. It wasn't much but it worked.

I used Tumblr to send photos from my phone and have it update automatically...and surprisingly enough, that Tumblr site is still up and active!

I was going through some domains associated with RLD and found the one I had loading that Tumblr site. You can check it out at the link below. It's pretty much just photos from the League races but starts from 5 years ago and goes back from them, so quite a step back in time.

Check out the old RLD Tumblr site

Not only do those photos bring back some memories of weekly, Sunday morning racing, it also reminds me how much free time I had! If only it was that easy now...


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LeagueofSpeed 1/2/19
Event coordinator

Free Time is a luxury for sure...full speed ahead into 2019!!!!

Good stuff here... great memories of the past. Smitty's builds are killer. My first race here was Dueling Deliverys challenge back in 2012? 

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hotrainiac 1/31/19

Is it safe to assume the Fantasy league as we knew it, is dead forever?

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redlinederby 2/1/19
Site manager

Hopefully not.

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