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Ace High

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Can I join?

  • Yep no problem PM for address — Playz
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Spirit_Of_64 10/26/21

Preview of a few cars I'm building.  The pickup and wagon are heading to Thunder Mountain!

From left to right, bad man Brooklyn in angry bee and then AJ in check mate.

  • There will be no missing that bee on track now will there — Playz
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Crazy_Canuck 10/31/21

Alright...I'm gonna have to throw my hat into this ring as well now...

I've got to back out.  Post Office says it will cost $59 to mail to Queensland because of current restrictions.  

  • Totally understand… — Playz
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Playz 11/30/21

Racing to get underway 

I didn't really think thru the start date (Tuesday) so it makes it hard with work commitments but rest assured it will kick off very soon!

can't wait! Some amazing cars are waiting to take on each other and the mountain. I'll keep you all posted 

thanks to everyone 


  • Exciting stuff! Always interesting to see how builds do on other tracks after you’ve tested them on your own track — Chaos_Canyon
  • Great! Thanks for the update! — CutRock_R_Marc_D
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Playz 12/6/21

Group 1 video is out!

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Crazy_Canuck 12/6/21

Mine should be arriving shortly

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Playz 12/19/21

One Joker race left before we hit the big time!!!!

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