American Muscle 3 - Premise

LeagueofSpeed Monday, 5/13/2019
Event coordinator

It's now 6 months to Veterans Day Weekend...which means Tobacco Roads premiere event is coming up fast...just look Mustang Summer is already upon us!!!! So, here's the initial pre race thread to get the race on your calenders.....Veterans Day Weekend is November 10th-12th.

Two classes as usual...Modified Division and Stock Division.

Modified Division max 60g

Stock Division max 65g

Classic American Muscle 1st gen and 2nd gen...questions about castings ask here or post pics.

Hope to have a big field for the race again!!!

Peace and Speed - LoS and the rest of the Legion



The red custom 50th Mustang for me and one other car.

Count me in for 2 Stock and 2 Modified! 

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