Postponed: Downhill Diecast Drags Summer Racing League

redlinederby Friday, 3/6/2020
Site manager

Event postponed until further notice

Due to the ongoing situation, we've decided to postpone this event series until further notice. We'll evaluate the situation once it's safer to meet in groups and posted updated accordingly.

Redline Derby Racing is happy to once again partner with Autobody Specialists in Columbus and announce the Downhill Diecast Drags Summer Racing League, a monthly racing league with local and mail-in racing.

The D3 Summer Racing League sessions will take place the last Wednesday of every month, starting April 29 - September 30, 2020. The league is free to join and is open to all ages. The public is welcome to come race or spectate on-site each month. League sessions open at 5PM, racing starts at 6PM.

Six months, six themes

Each month will feature a different theme for race entries. You can enter as many as you like throughout the summer.

  • American Muscle Cars
  • Trucks, Vans & Wagons
  • Japanese Imports
  • Hollywood Cars & Trucks
  • German manufacturers
  • Exotics & Supercars

Live stock racing

Each monthly session will have live participation head-to-head stock racing using sportsman tree lights and trigger release. All racers will release their own cars, so reaction time is the key to victory. Due to its interactive nature, stock racing will be available to local racers only. Mail-in entries will not be accepted for stock class racing.

Modified pro racing

Each month will also feature modified class racing for both local and mail-in entries. The modified class will be racing against the clock to see who has the fastest car of the night. No reaction times to worry about here, so you can focus on building your cars.

Go fast, earn points, be champion

The D3 Summer Racing League is an accumulative points league, meaning you'll earn points every month depending on how well your cars do. Each session will have a winner and then whoever has the most points total will be crowned league champion at the end of the season. There will be one champion for each class, stock and modified.

Racing fun all summer long

The Downhill Diecast Drags Summer Racing League is a great (and free) way to enjoy diecast racing this summer. Come for the racing, stay for the fun of sharing diecast racing with others. If you're a Columbus local, stop by after work and race your worries away. For those a bit further away, get your graphite ready and mail-in your cars.

Details about each league session along with restrictions, scoring, and specs will be posted soon.


You ain't gonna wanna miss this!! 

- Bruno

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LeagueofSpeed 3/6/20
Event coordinator

Looking forward to it!!!

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Mattman213 3/6/20

Ill definitely join if I have the ability to do so each month!!!  I take it guidelines will be posted closer to each race?


  • All the events will get posted ahead of time with specs, etc...still getting all that in order. But since all the dates/themes are preset, mail-in folks can send in cars ahead of time if they can/want and save on worry & shipping. — redlinederby

Those are some fun themes!

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LeagueofSpeed 3/7/20
Event coordinator

So...each month the Stock and the Modified are from the listed themes above???

  • I'd just be Modified...but curious — LeagueofSpeed
  • Correct. Both classes will follow the same theme each event. — Team164Bruno
  • And the order will be preset once I get the separate dates posted. So you could make all you cars at once and send them in bulk. — redlinederby

Sounds like fun, definitely joining this season. Weight limits?

  • All the details will get posted soon, hopefully this weekend. Weights should be pretty normal, 45g and 60g. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 3/23/20
Site manager

Just an update on this series. Given all the hoopla, we've decided to push the start of this racing league back a month. So the series won't start until the end of least for now. Obviously, things are changing almost daily so this may get pushed back again but we're trying not to just cancel it. Even if the series gets cut down by a race or two, we're hopeful we'll be able to race at some point this summer. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sorry I can't provide more details but there just aren't any right now. We'll post event threads once the date gets closer with more specs, dates, etc.

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redlinederby 3/30/20
Site manager

Another's been decided that the Summer Racing League will be postponed until further notice. As soon as things start to clear up and it's safer to meet in groups, we’ll re-evaluate and plan a new schedule. 

If you had already scouted some cars, keep them safe and warm.

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