App for timing hot wheels cars

3DBotMaker Thursday, 10/17/2019

I've found an app that's pretty useful for timing cars, and no it's not just a stopwatch. The Seconds Count App was developed for athletes and racer as a way to use video to time events. The way it works is pretty simple. Record a video of the race, scroll through the footage and add a START and FINISH marker, and the app tells you the time in-between those 2 points. It's really a pretty simple idea but it took me a lot of searching to find an app that could do this. 

There's a Lite (FREE) and Pro version. I believe the pro is an anual subscription of $5.99 per year, which is a great price. The main advantage of the pro version is you can do video timing at higher frame rates (60-120fps if your phone supports that) giving you a more accurate result. There's also a feature to store lap and finish times in a table. The app is available in both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Overall, if you have a decent smart phone, it's a great app to get some actual times on your cars. 

Also a little tip I found is to make your start or finish line stand out so you can easily see the cars crossing when you review the footage.


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WorpeX 10/17/19

No worries on making the finish line stand-out, I've got the 3D Bot Maker special! :D

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72_Chevy_C10 10/17/19
Event coordinator

Thanks for the heads-up, Adriel! It looks pretty cool, but I guess I'll have to get the Pro version if I want to use the videos or import other videos. Cool App!

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redlinederby 10/17/19
Site manager

Interesting...good resource to have in a pinch. But really wish they'd give up on subscription pricing. It makes sense for some apps, others not so much. The $6 sounds great for a one-time purchase, but $72 for a year's worth of timing? Wow. I'm in the wrong busines...

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