Avoid it: 172 feet of orange track for $60 on Amazon

redlinederby Monday, 2/10/2020
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UPDATE: See the thread below, but in short, I canceled my order for this box of track. I did some more review digging on Amazon and the blue button connectors are riveted to these segments and look to cause all sorts of problems for cars. Bummer.

The alternate headline could also read, "I just bought a shit ton of track and I'm not really sure why."

Okay, so I know kinda why...first off, that's a lot of track for the price. It breaks down to about 60 cents per segment, not bad. Second off, I'll never have to worry about orange track again. If my math skills are still close, 172-feet of track would let me build a 4-lane track at 43-feet for each lane (which is ridiculous).

This box-o-track is an Amazon exclusive (for now) that comes with 100 pieces of track, which means each track is about a foot-and-a-half long...basically the same length as the track segments Toys R Us used to sell individually for a $1 each.

It's nice to see Hot Wheels putting the basic Track Builder stuff back out there. I know playsets and trick tracks are fun for everyone but sometimes you just want a nice, big track to watch your cars go.

The other thing that helped me pull the trigger (if the photo isn't lying) is that the segments appear to be the older style "high wall" track, not the thinner low-wall track you'll find in the $4 packs on the pegs. Yet this track does have the blue button connectors which I'm not a big fan of but I've accepted it.

I was thinking about rebuilding my track this summer in an effort to not only make it run better and more fair, but also get all 4 lanes up and running, and this treasure chest will help make that happen. I have seamless orange track right now but only on 2 lanes. I don't have enough seamless to get the other 2 lanes up and running. I could mix-n-match but I don't like how that feels...I'd be happier knowing all lanes are the same.

I'm also thinking about building a travelling track that I could setup at local events, which might be happening later this year. The 172-feet of track is plenty to build two, 4-lane tracks so I could have one that's permanent and one that moves around. Oh the possibilities!

We'll see...or maybe I'll just have a box of track that sits around and does nothing. Or I'll try to make a track and it'll suck. Hopefully neither will happen.

Nonetheless, if you're in the market for some orange track, this box seems like a good deal. You'll never have to look at another track pack again. Keep the laned track dream alive!

Expect a follow-up once the box arrives.


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Mattman213 2/10/20

It appears to be the blue connector that is removeable from each piece which is WAY better than the 172 ft case my Dad randomly bought on Amazon that comes with a blue connector that is riveted to one of the tracks so it cant come off.  Good idea BUT the rivet is so big that lower cars hit them.  Its completely worthless.  Let us know how yours come because if its good stuff Ill likely be snagging some to get my track up to snuff as well.


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redlinederby 2/10/20
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Hmmm...it's probably the same case since it's only on Amazon. Not sure if having one end with a perma-connector would be so bad, I mean, I'm doing straight lanes anyway. Plus there's nothing a little sanding and Dremel can't solve.

I'm not a fan of the blue connectors either but that's where they all are now anyway unless I got seamless which is twice as expensive. My choices are either the flimsy track packs or this and they all have the blue connector now.

Meh...for $60 I figure what the heck

  • If it's the removable blue connectors then let us know I'll likely buy some too. It would be alot of cutting to get the giant rivet head off but once you did it all you would be golden they are food track pieces otherwise. — Mattman213
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redlinederby 2/10/20
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I did a little more digging on this one and Matt is right...not the track segments I thought they were, and the photo is quite misleading. I decided to cancel my order.

They're kind of hidden but reviews for just the 100 piece box backed up the disappointment. The perma-rivet looks crazy loose and janky.

I'm bummed but probably dodge a bullet purchase on this one. Thanks for the heads up, Matt. I guess my plans for redoing the track will have to wait, or I'll just suck it up and use the peg track packs or the 40-foot pack which I've purchased before and no is more reliable.

  • Dang! My dad is annoyed too and hea not big into racing just wanted to build some long tracks with my son and nephew and now he can't unless they run a truck or taller casting. Hate that crap — Mattman213
  • Yeah, that's stupid for sure. I find it weird that Mattel would make such a design flaw, makes me wonder if that's even a legit HW product. Those rivets do luck cut-able but I'm not too interested in sawing off 100 pieces of track. — redlinederby
  • Honestly, I would rather. Deal with the headache of the Vintage track and having to put it on boards in order to straighten it out then to deal with that blue connector track — Chrisw
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Mattman213 2/11/20

Heres a shot from my Dad's set.  You can easily see the rivet and even see where cars have chipped away at it on the right edge.

The rivet looks easy enough to drill out honestly...but you would have to do it for every single piece and then Im not sure if it would become an issue with coming loose down the road.  

I might try to redeem these for my Dad's (and my Son's) sake but I dunno.  I wouldnt buy them.


  • Saw the same pictures in the Amazon reviews, some cases even worse on the rivet popping up. Such a shame. I'd be interested to know if even after the rivet is cut off, if the track itself is consistent using normal connectors. — redlinederby
  • Ill try a piece after work if I remember and report back — Mattman213
  • Wow that is a horrible design... — WorpeX
  • I'm just starting in this hobby and picked up this kit from Amazon and can confirm that the rivets cause a lot of issues. I used a pair of side cuts to clip the top of the rivet off and am working on using some 3d printed track connectors for assembly. The track itself is nice, as it has the tall sides unlike the small packages I've seen at the department stores which are shorter pieces with the very short sides. — trav99ss

Target also has a deal if you buy $25 on any HotWheels items, you get a $5 gift card. 

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