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Axles and wheels modding

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The diameter of the axel is usually not the there can be a bur near the axel head sometimes that will inhibit good wheel spin and light sanding can help, but be careful if there nickel platted though...don't sand off the platting...but 99.9% of the time it's the inner wheel hub after can be egg shaped...oval shaped and that causes crappy wheel spin aka wobble or vibration. Also, when the axel is set in the usually intensifies the hub flaw...and all it takes is one bad wheel out of 4 to effect speed and perfomance.

  • since I don't go as far as checking the wheel hub shape on my mods, fixing down the axles might hurt me more than not. Hmmmm.... — redlinederby
  • I'm gonna spin up a new thread just for this...good insight here, will pull your post and quote. — redlinederby
  • you can't see just know an imperfection when you spin it — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ok thanks for this insight very interesting . What you think of getting a jeweler's drill bit that will correct the problem ? I have a #61 bit , #72 bit to try these things ou plus these bits will not open the boar of the wheels . — Chrisw
  • If the wheel hub is's just bad...move on and keep spinning — LeagueofSpeed

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