bar codes?

dr_dodge Tuesday, 11/8/2022

I work in a calibration lab, and have for 40 yrs, and the greatest inovation we have:

the bar code reader.  makes life so much easier.  and now they have apps for your phone.

so, for a mt track, tallying the results at finish line,

what about a clear track at the finish line and a bar code reader under it?

sticker bar code on the underside of the car




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CrazyEights 11/8/22

They already have ID cars, so the idea isn't really innovative.

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dr_dodge 11/9/22

I was thinking more as the finish line for a multicar hill race
you could get every cars time and place as they rolled over the finish line

sticker bar code attached at tech in to the bottom of the car

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Endcount 11/10/22

Maybe combining what the ID cars have for info on the chips  in the chasis with a customized

bar code reader that works alongside a pre existing start gate/finish timer set up could work.

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redlinederby 11/12/22
Site manager

Would a barcode reader be fast enough to scan the cars? And when multiple cars pass at the same time? I suppose you'd also have to insure the stickers stay flat and readable on the bottom of the car...just seems like a lot of room for error.

This sounds like a great idea that would certainly make finishing easier but I just wonder if the technology can keep up. If you think it can, then go for it and see what you can find out. Maybe all these laser break beams and stuff aren't needed and all we need is a barcode scanner.

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