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Bare Muscle 3

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I don't know if we are get to getting any more teams, so I'm going to start the team pics tonight, when I have good light. 

I was hoping for some nice natural light today, but there are some storms coming. So, I had do the team pics inside. The cars look GREAT! 

The 40 gram cars are on the left and 57 grams are on the right...

I will post the numbers and the tentative brackets tomorrow night. The cars that are here after the mail comes Saturday morning, will be the cars that run (I don't know if any others are on their way)

CCRIDER has agreed to do a 'double header' with the card when has them since K&O isn't going to be running them. He will run the cars two weekend in a row on two different tracks.

Thanks CCRider! 

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JDC442 6/5/16

For those of you like me who missed that the results of the first race are in another thread :P

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