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Beater Trucks and Fat Fendered Hot Rods series

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iswingping 5/23/15

Great series and love being involved in this.  My cars seem to be just fast enough to get out of the first round.  There are some fast cars on here.  I need to get a track completed to fine tune everything and get competitive.  Nice work to the quick guys on here and thanks to all the hosts.

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72_Chevy_C10 5/23/15
Event coordinator

It's been great having you race with us, ISP! You are doing great for your first race! As everyone on here will tell you, the cars and trucks on here are pretty quick! You builds look great....I have no doubt that you'll be in the mix before you know it...having your own track to test on helps a lot too!

I hope that you are building some Bare Muscle cars!

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model40fan 5/23/15

I took the 14 #s and set them up numerically, 7 in each row,  then paired #1 with #8, #2 vs. #9 etc. for the fatties... then for the beaters bracket I took #1 vs. #14, and #2 vs. #13 etc...

... i'ld like to have a way 2 fast FTE for every time I've suggested we set up random brackets before each series, toss them all in the car box... each host just picks one... if I could do that ... I would...

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2seven 5/24/15

I used a website to help us run the bracket. we entered the car number and the short description of the the owner. Once this was complete the site randomly pairs the races.


  • The challonge site looks pretty cool...I'll have to try it out next weekend — 72_Chevy_C10

Great action at the top, congrats winners! Well earned victories

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Dadvball 5/26/15

Sorry, I'm a day late and a dollar short with following this series.  Congrats to 2-7 and Happy Camper for your great finishes this past race and to C10 for winning the Beater Trucks race the week before.  

Thank you Smitty for providing two entries for me, especially for the Fat Fender that earned me the Supreme Champion for the weekend!  I'm almost done with the new banger track for Diecast Jam so hopefully I'll be back in the swing of building some cars.  

  • Smitty listed me as the winner, but Happy Camper actually won that race...first time winners, he and 2Seven! — 72_Chevy_C10
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model40fan 5/26/15

sorry guys... couldn't get around well enough today, hoping to walk better wed, will do my best to get the cars to the postoffice... getting old too soon sux ...

  • get them there when you can, Smitty...I'll race them when they get here :) — 72_Chevy_C10
  • thanks boss . — model40fan
  • Hope you're better soon Smitty! — Dadvball
  • agreed, heal up...ecspecially that right you can keep nailing the throttle!!! — Traction-Event
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model40fan 5/27/15

cars went out at 11am... 9505 5111 7763 5147 3945 59... she said Friday...

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72_Chevy_C10 5/27/15
Event coordinator

Here's what you Guys are racing for...

These are the machines that I made up for Stroller to run in this race (he has been a little banged up lately)...and I am putting these up up for the winners. The Fat Fender winner gets the Willys and the Truck winner gets the '56 Ford F100!

And, if I get lucky and win the points in either, then the prize will go to the 2nd place finisher!

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72_Chevy_C10 5/27/15
Event coordinator

And I'm pretty sure I said something about the top Rookie winning a prize...

We've got some Rookies doing really well in this race and I think the winner should get something cool!

I also mentioned a "Spirit of the Event" is what they will get...

The 'Spirit' winner will go to the build that I think captures what I wanted to see in this race...and I think it's cool to reward the builds as well as the perfomance...because there are some seriously cool rigs in this race!

I'm really looking forward to running these cars this weekend...Good luck to Everybody!

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2seven 5/31/15

bumping to the top

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delta6 6/3/15

Could someone pm me with who I need to get return shipping to please?

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