Been asked to build a track!

Jobe Thursday, 6/20/2013

Friend of mine works for the University Co-op here at the University of Texas.
She asked if I would be willing to set up my track for a father's day event at the store, but I was going to be out of town.
So I lent her the track, showed her how to set it up and run the races and gave her about 50 new cars to have fun with.

The event was very popular and now the Co-op wants their own track to set up on football game days and other events for the kids! They even gave me a very nice gift card to the co-op store as compensation even though I said I didn't need any.

So, I've pretty much retired by 50' track set up and going to modify it into a 25' track and run one of my 50' rolls in half...the horror! Now on the search for a finish gate.

Anyway, just a little news from the Austin Diecast Drags bar race is coming up on the first of July!


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EconoCarl 6/20/13

Sound like you're cutting the 50 footer for a good cause. Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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