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Beetle Bonanza

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BD_Racing 4/15/24

I think my post got missed.  Trying again.  I'm in for 1 if you have room.

Got room for 2 more? Sorry for how long it took me to find a couple of vdubs.


I want to get in . It will be my first race.

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UmiRiRacing 4/23/24

Rad. We can pull two beetles together if you have room for two more racers! 

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Sneaky_Bob 4/24/24

Any room for 2 more.

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sinestro 4/25/24

i have a entry, if there is still room

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LordSyosset 4/28/24

Count me in. Sending out my car tomorrow.

Bug #1, done.

  • Nice! — StrayDog
  • Looks pretty similar to the one you won the Bug Bash with: Really cool! — ManiacMotorsports
  • Yeah, I had the decals left over and figured, why not? Thanks dudes! — FeralPatrick
  • That’s beautiful! I’m probably sending an old Matchbox Lady Bug in original factory paint along with my custom Herbie. It’s going to be fun to watch them all race together. — Billys_Midway_Racing
  • My Bug Bash winner was a MBX Lady Bug. This one and my 2nd Bug are Hi-Ho Silvers, nearly identical to the Lady Bug. — FeralPatrick

#2, with #1 and the Bug Bash champ in a family photo:

I'm game for 2 if still open. 

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Willie_G1 5/7/24

Ya got another spot 

  • Yes sir. — 1Jungle_Falls
  • Well maybe my bug will make it when gets through running around California — Willie_G1

This Friday is Cut off day for Beetle Bonanza. Friday May 10th. Thanks in advance for everyone that is already in. This event will be fun.

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