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Beetle Bonanza

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Beetle Bonanza,  round 1, group 3. Drivers 33-48.    

1. FourSix, Variat Skunkworks,  Umi RI Racing,  John.                                                  2. Milestone Racing,  Renya Racing, Dutch Clutch,  Fat Dad.                                            3. Sneaky Bob, 409 Diecast,  Uncle Elvis, Miniature Car Racing.                                   4. Live Young,  Victor Fastlane, Ra Sungod,  Chase Family Racing.  

Video being posted 6-1 around 3:30pm. 

Round 1, group 3 Semifinals and Finals  video is up...   

Beetle Bonanza,  round 1 Group 4. Drivers 49-64 

1. Umi RI Racing,  Ragin Ricky,  Dubious Diecast,  Iceman Racing.                                2. 41-14 Racing,  Fat Dad, Feral Patrick,  John.                                                                   3. 409 Diecast,  Dog Squab Racing,  Fractal PANDA, E-67Diecast.                           4. R-Lo Racing, Renya Racing,  Billy's Midway Racing,  Uncle Elvis.  

Last group of first round. 

Semifinals and final  for group 4 10pm. 6-2 

  • Very nice! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • You had said previous that there were 68 cars in this event. Did the last 4 get removed? Or have I missed something? — Hardcore_Poetic
  • 4 cars were removed to make an even 64.. I have multiple cars that just didn't make it down track. I will take pictures and explain I promise.. — 1Jungle_Falls
  • I was wondering, too — dr_dodge

Beetle Bonanza,  group 4 semifinals and finals video is up.                                          

Round 2 is next. 

Round 2, 

Semifinals... video up. 

The Beetle Bonanza Is officially done. 

Video of finals is posted on YouTube.  

Thanks for participating to everyone.  It was a journey.  Next event will be even better.

All cars with this Body style got stuck. I apologize for the lack of communication before i got tournament started. 

All cars that did not run in the Beetle Bonanza.  Hopefully this does not discourage you from trying again ,in a future event. 

  • Not gonna lie, I am very disappointed to not see both cars run, host choice, understand — dr_dodge
  • Dr. Dodge, you second car was getting stuck because of front bumper.. just didn't clear that 45° turn. — 1Jungle_Falls



BUT I WILL OFFER THE 3 OF YOU A FREE ENTRY TO MY NEXT EVENT.  I hope you understand it was a tough decision.  But with 64 cars Racing in my first attempt at hosting I had to make the call.    Hopefully you enjoyed the races if you did watch. Thank you for participating 


With the Beetle Bonanza done please feel free to give feedback.. This was my 1st event.. What a Rollercoaster.  I'm a grown man so please tell truth. Even if it sounds harsh I promise I can take it. 

I will be getting cars packed up this week and mailing back ASAP.    Thank you all who participated, and good luck in future events.  

  • I think it went great for your first time. That track presents a tough challenge and most builders appreciate that. I know I'll definitely be back for the next one if I catch the signups in time. — DogSquabRacing
  • feedback: run all cars even if they fail, on camera — dr_dodge
  • I agree with both comments above. — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • I will from now on. Thank you. — 1Jungle_Falls
  • As builders, we learn from watching the cars run poorly just as much as watching them run well. For a first attempt, it was quite good, with the physical bracket display of the cars and lots of videos of the racing. Considering that it was a single camera used for the videos, you captured most of the action on a very long track. — Billys_Midway_Racing
  • as billy said, I rewatch races to "sort out my car" — dr_dodge
  • if you want to, sling the cars that didn't run as a group. that is how I learn as a builder, also GTR does a fine job of giving us a guide. Because your track is unique, find what runs (castings) and set your next race on that. vid it, and give us at least a clue, and make it fun for you, too — dr_dodge
  • Absolutely awesome, your first race was mine as well. Filming was great for using one camera, that’s how I film my races. The music and sound choices were great. I missed the commentary and the and showing cars before the race, but vibe of the whole thing was nice as it felt like we were all in the garage with y’all. I can’t wait till the next one, I won’t be 20 grams under weight next time. — Travelers_Racing_Circuit
  • agreed, a fine job — dr_dodge

Thanks for all support  and suggestions.  

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CatPirate 6/22/24

"Hopefully this does not discourage you from trying again ,in a future event"

It is expensive to send things around the world.

I am glad to know that the mail works though.

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