Best place to buy a Drag Track?

Dadvball Tuesday, 11/11/2014

I think I'm gonna ask Santa for a Drag Track set this year and knowing a bunch of you guys have them I wanted to ask where would you suggest I look?  Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 


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model40fan 11/11/14

drag trax track sections are slightly wider at the top [tab] end of each section, always run it with tabs pointed up...

this is one reason that the cars stay on the track...

set comes with [8] 20" track sections, for a longer track,  track packs = [4] 20" track sections for about $16.00 through JEGG'S or SUMMIT RACING... comes in black, red and better for video yellow...

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Traction-Event 11/11/14 has everything you need. Whatever track you get I recommend the power supply, this helps with the release issues.

I got my Blue Sportsman track, on Christmas sale for 69.99…it came with a $10 coupon so I got my track for $59.00.

I will say it takes a bit of time to get the release pins to work the way you want them to. The solenoids are weak, and the internal electronics are cheaply made…I had release issues with heavy cars, and cars with low front ends. But once you get it dialed in it is easy to keep dead straight and level for a fair track.  Smitty has dug into trying to fix the older track design, as have I but not yet found a reasonable solution …yet.

If I had to do it again I would buy the Red Super Sport edition, this separates ET and Reaction time. Costs a bit more, but look for a sale. This is still hundreds cheaper than other timing systems.

I will say I think this track is the least expensive way to get an electronic start and finish line. Quick and easy set up  Perfect to the races to close to call by eye.

  • Agreed...I'm still waiting on my extra sections. The Super Sport is the way to go! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • the track quality is real good, with electrical start n finish = winner — model40fan
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Dadvball 11/11/14

Thank you guys!  I appreciate all the information.  

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redlinederby 11/11/14
Site manager

I got mine straight from Drag Tracks...and reviewed it too. From what I've seen around, the prices are about all the same (shy of coupons) but the variations on color/stickers/style seems to be big. It seems like they just custom order from one place and add their own logo, etc.

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72_Chevy_C10 11/11/14

I was just contacted by Jegs...the track sections are back in stock! :)

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model40fan 11/11/14

clicked on the link above...

 took TE's advice and bought an AC converter for the DRAG TRAX from jegg's...

 buy now, get free shipping $ !... how much are [4] C batteries ?

I recommend a 112 volt on / off paddle switch, plugs inline with your extention cord, the converter plugs into it... easier to reset when needed... about $4.00 at wallies... stock switches are el' cheapo, tape them where you want them...

  • got the $9.99 free shipping AC converter today — model40fan

Just deleted a post that was offering to sell Drag Tracks...Please do not attempt to sell items and give contact info to do so...Thank You for Your Attention on the matter - League of Speed 

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