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When: Sunday, February 4, 2018

27.5' of straight downhill racing.

Rules and restrictions 

  • Weight minimum 40g/maximum 57g with 3g leeway so 37 and 60
  • Size restrictions; length 3.5 inches and height 3.5 inches 
  • Cars per entrant 4. (2 mods 2 stocks)
  • Brand any, body style any, year can't be newer than 1990
  • Wheel limitations none
  • Stock and mods only (paint not included)
  • Graphite only
  • Have fun


HotWheels, $, and small trophy

How to Enter

Post a reply along with how many cars you're going to enter.

Send $5 return and $5 for the pot (only 5's not 10's) 

Where to send your cars

PM me for address.

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry Deadline

All entries must be received by the host before 01/30/2018


Win 2 races in a row with 1 redo




Single tournament. Blast from the past straight track

Got 2 cars iching to race. The '70 Buick GSX, and my '70 Plymouth Superbird

Lots of racing goes on each month...check out and look at the 2018 schedule...may find some races you'd be interested in...Peace - LoS.

Are you going to race in my tourney

July is a ways off on the racing calender...but I don't see why I wouldn't...lots of us are taking the family vacation around that time, so something to keep in mind...but as of December 2017 I will say I'd be up to race in your tourney.

Also...I think you mean 7/4/2018...most don't want their cars away for a month

Try to get other people interested.

You have time for that HWL88...patience
Most are not going to commit to a July race just yet

Serious old are you?


Thanks..just curious...I'm 50...nice to see someone your age interested in Diecast racing.
Here I thought that I was older than you L0$
I'm young at heart...and I stay in shape...the Lady of Speed is 51 and a fitness buff as well

Ive loved it since i was talking. (4 months). I will never stop loving hot wheels. Its how i came to love racing and cars. Over the years ive collected around 6-700 cars and theyre still coming. Not much of a fan for modding though. Ive always felt that true speed can only be discovered by not worrying about looks just raw potential, some weight taped on and some good old fashioned graphite. But to truely use those techinques you must put your heart and sole into a car. If you just mod a car to be top three of just enough to win you will nerver unlock its full speed. Especially if you just mod it for a 1 and done and move to some thing "bigger and better" the other car might be faster but you will never know b/c you never gave it the right chance. Top speeds can always beat no matter how fast your cars go. Test the limits, destroy the competition, and even if you come in 2nd place as long as you tried you won. Thats what i believe racing is, and thats what i want to do in this tourney.

I love the attitude and commitment, but this is the site where speed lives...I still race in stock divisions/classes and love it, but to create speed...elite speed modifying is the way to go...with modification you can turn a sled into a contender...stick around and enter some races, as I said Rider's site has monthly races each month and Open Stock is one of them and some of the Feature Races pit stock vs sure to check his site out...I'm sure you'll find some races you'd like to join.

Ive changed it from july to February 

Also now mods are allowed i decided i might try to add a mod into the tourney

I'm new 2day. But my '41 Willy's is ready 2 go

Great 2 have u you mean Hot Wheels castings 1990 and older or car types 1990 and older.

Example....a 2017 casting of a 79 Camaro would be legal.

A 2017 casting of a 79 camaro is legal


I had to edit the track check out the new description.

If you're going to allow Mods, then you need to change the "no FTE" rule, as most mods have FTE'S on them....then again, most are over 45g as well.


I'd also up your max weight to 57g since it's a straight drag now
LeagueofSpeed least for the Mods
I second that

I like the enthusiasm I see here...I raced my Hot Wheels A LOT when I was a kid. I always had my 'Top 32' cars across the top of my roll-top desk (that desk is still my workbench...some things never change). So, if this site had existed when I was your age, I would have been all over it!

That being said, I'd like to offer some 'words of wisdom' for hosting a race. First of all, treat the cars very carefully...people have spent a lot of time making these cars fast...dropping them, or mishandling them can undo hours of work. So, please be careful with the cars. 

Having a fair track is really important. You don't see me setting up my track before a race, or checking it. I leave my track up at all times, but I still check it over very carefully before each event. If one lane is faster than the other, it makes it very hard to have a fair race. You should also have very fair start and finish lines. The 3D Bot Maker stuff is really nice.

In order to win a race, I feel that a car has to win 2 races in a row on alternating matter how many races that takes. This goes back to keeping the lanes accurate. If the track isn't dead straight and you have two cars that are really close, it can take 20 races to determine a winner...and that's no fun to watch.

And, lastly (and then, I'll get off my soapbox), you should have a good system to record videos. My track is on table and well lit, which makes it much easier for me to shoot pretty decent coverage of the races. I do it all on my phone and I shoot at 1/4 speed for the slo-mo.

I'm really happy to see new faces on here, and I wish you luck with your racing. Sorry for going on about the rules and such...I just want to be sure that all the racing is as fair as possible (I used to be the 'official' race director on here...I'm not sure, I might still be).

See ya in lane 2!

Well thanks fo the advice but i dont have a big enough table but i asure you it will be well lit. Also im usin the outside to lanes so the dont get stuck on the start. The lanes r 1 and 4. If the lanes rnt fair what do u suggest doing?

Just work on calibrating your track as best you can. Take 2 of the same casting and roll them and just make sure they're close and consistent when you switch lanes. 

As far as what to try to get them close...check the transition, that's where I've always found the problem to be. One lane is curved just a bit different than the other so one lane has better run off than the other. Just keep at it, trial-n-error, my friend.

I too second the 2 lanes in a row winning while alternating, it's fair even if it can take a long time (which is why I've switched to single elimination). Plus that's motivation to get the track fair as you can.

Also, you'll know if one lane is dominant, it's easy to tell.


The bend is pretty even considering im using the 4 lane race way.

Are you planning to video your race?

I wiil try. Y?

I might have to change up the track a bit (it will still be a 25.5' drag) but ill have elevate the track, b/c the 4lane isnt getting the cars far enough so ill just put up a long piece of wood and use that as my drop

Also since it is straight itll be single elimination 

If you post photos of your track set up I am sure that some folks will be glad to give you some pointers that would be helpful.

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