Customizing and TuningBlast Pipes

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It's been a long time since I posted... I was busy finishing up school and then was busy up North. But now I'm back! My first two cars that I have made so far are both Datsun's. I had been looking around on the internet at some cars to see what I should make and I came across the work of a man named Sato-San. He makes a lot of Japanese cars and even some sweet dioramas. Check out some the things he has made by going to . So i tried something I saw he made. Blast pipes. I used copper tubing then bent it at one end and epoxyed it to the car.

Very cool. Great photos at that link too.

I like the idea of using the copper tubes. I had thought of them (for when I finally get around to putting together my mini replica of the Mad Max Fury Road Mercedes Limo Gas City truck) as the elaborate custom exhaust system.

The only concern for my plan would be getting the patina right. And have decided the regular axle tubes material would make it simpler. Possibly even easier to bend and shape.

THANK YOU for sharing the link, as I had not yet heard of this "Artist". It is always good to find new talent to learn from!!

I like your idea!! THANKS

To bent and cut the copper tubes i simply used a pair of plyers and a dremle to grind down the edges.

Thanks for the support! :)

good stuff fishtail... welcome back !

Just make sure those pipes meet finish line clearance. Very cool mod thats a little bit of style. Great calling card for you too...

Looks nice and clean, welcome back Fishtail.

I'm glad to be back. :)

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