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Boneshaker Tournament

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dr_dodge 4/28/23

I'll send one with the rally/hatch cars, if I may

dr dodge racing

joy will drive


Kingshark is right: The limited area for weight is challenging! :-)

That makes it a great tournament idea!



  • I know what ya mean, I was only able to squeeze 95 grams into my build, — dr_dodge
  • 95g? OMG you did — MONGREL_MACHINES
  • hopin' to crack 100, up to 98, buildin' headers now — dr_dodge
  • That’s crazy I’m not even sure mine is over 70g ???? — Kingshark
  • Dr_dodge is surely breaking some laws of physics that say that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time... LOL — MONGREL_MACHINES
  • build thread?: — dr_dodge
  • Yes please — Kingshark
  • 99.3g should easily crack 100 and will take pics for y'all — dr_dodge
  • still gotta cast the nose — dr_dodge
  • Can hardly wait... — MONGREL_MACHINES
  • Dude ... you're CASTING the entire car??? That's insane! — SpyDude
  • I find that 73 coats of paint help get that extra 0.7g of weight... — EnZedRacing

Thank you for the challenge.  I learned how to be careful cracking these open after breaking a few engines....

I have a large parts garage for boneshakers now....

  • You’re welcome. Definitely been a challenge. Trying not only to make the weight fit but also make it so it won’t flip over — Kingshark
  • yup low is good! — dr_dodge

Well heres my Rump Shaker entry. Will be sending with the Rally Hatchback cars together,  still doing team scenes on those two cars


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SpyDude 5/15/23

My three headed out to the Boneshaker Brawl and the Hatchback/Rally tournaments.

Knobby ridge dragway diecast I will send one 

Victor FastLane 

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WallyChamp73 5/19/23

Is it too late for New Jersey Drive Racing to enter?

  • Feel free to send one in as long as it’s here by due date — Kingshark
  • Team - New Jersey Drive Racing Driver - Wally Champ — WallyChamp73

I have one ready so I'll give this a shot! 

Team: G4 Diecast Racing 

Driver: Daddy G

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Jesus 5/25/23

Is there a space for me??

Team: J&J Trucking

Driver: Jesus


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On the way to the rally....should be fun!!

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dr_dodge 6/4/23

brown/green color change

hopefully out tuesday


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