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Bracket fun for all, a new v2.0

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JDC442 5/20/10

I like the idea of a 'donated' theme where players would send in a car to race on their behalf. I have an early 90s Lamborghini Countach that I'd been saving in the package, always wondering just how fast it is, that would be perfect for such a race.

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markkaz 5/20/10

I got my donors in the mail today which will further populate the field. It seems
like we have at least 200 already opened and in The Lot and I'm sure that there
are others that he hasn't added yet either.

I too look forward to matches that are from cars that we send in to
represent our own actual team but I am also enjoying this format
as well.

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redlinederby 5/20/10
Site manager

Thanks, Mark! I'll be on the look out for the package.

You're right, The Lot on the site now doesn't have all the cars in my personal collection...but it's pretty close. Take away all the variations of models, there are probably between 220-250 cars.

Since the League started I've been buying more cars that are "outside" of my normal tastes just because I want to see if they race well. I really appreciate the donations, guys, especially if cars from pre-2009 series. I've been collecting in earnest since probably 2000...but then I was really only collecting cars I liked model-wise, muscle cars, I wasn't getting new cars every week like I do now. So the older series cars are somewhat lacking.

All this racing is really bad influence!! ha!

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redlinederby 5/21/10
Site manager

Shy of a few, most of the cars in my collection are over in the Flickr showcase: ... 990278302/

According to Flickr, there's a little over 400 cars.

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markkaz 5/21/10

Well, I'm pretty sure that most of the models that I sent
are at least 5 years old including a bunch of FTE's when
they were originally released.

Now that I seen the racers that haven't been added yet,
you will have some doubles of at least some regular

Oh yeah, I did send a cool corvette

For V2, I'm picking whoever is racing against the Blimp,
Forklift, Wild Thing, and Go Kart!

On some tracks, the Dairy Delivery doesn't fit. I don't think
that the Dodge Ram 1500 fits either.

Have you moved onto a different storage system rather than the tubs?

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

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redlinederby 5/21/10
Site manager

hahaha...yes, the tubs were during a huge mega audit I did last year. They were out of control so I took a day and sorted, organized, grouped, between collectors, racers, modders, and parts cars.

I do need to get more Jammer cases though because the influx of cars recently has been overwhelming.

But you do give me a good idea - the crap car tournament! A tournament filled with cars that *never* win and shouldn't win...blimp vs. forklift vs. gokart vs. bat9 vs. motorcycle - wonder if there would even be a winner?

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redlinederby 5/22/10
Site manager

Would you guys expect to be able to revise your bracket picks after you've made them once, assuming it was before the race deadline?

I guess I'm not sure how normal bracket picks (like NCAA) work.

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markkaz 5/22/10

I don't know either but I think that there wouldn't be any harm
in allowing people to change their pics up until a deadline. It would
also be nice to change our pick in case of a mis-click.

Are we currently able to see who we individually picked?

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redlinederby 5/22/10
Site manager

Yes, you go through and pick the entire bracket at once. You can sit and stare at it all you want until you hit the Submit button.

I don't see any problem in re-submitting either before the deadline. You never know when you'll wake up at 3AM realizing you made a serious error in picking the Porsche to win.