Bracket Racing...???

72_Chevy_C10 Tuesday, 8/7/2018
Event coordinator

In the first Redline Revival race, in a grudge race with Nightstalker, and TE came up with a clever way to run it...a gave Stalker 2 car lengths (I think) as a handicap and we ran the race with a 2-car-length piece of foam right in front of the finish line, hence 'shortening' his lane 2 lengths.

This was a very cool way to run a race...and I've just been thinking tgat it might be fun to run a race...or a series of races that rewards the most consistent car. In real life, bracket style drag racing is HUGE...and it comes down to the person that wins is the person that runs the number they say they will run, without going faster (or 'breaking out')

With a little figuring and a whole bunch of testing, I think a race like this could work in small scale as well. And, it would give you a chance to run an old, 'favorite' car rather than trying to maximize your speed all the time.

I'm not sure exactly how this would work, but I'd like your input. Basically, your car would have a base number of car lengths it would be 'off' from being what is considered 'fast'...say, your car is a +2 car, it would run it's races with a 2 car length block if foam in front of it'a finish. 

OR, if I would get off my butt and put a timing system on my track, the cars  could actually have an 'index' (or time they are shooting for).

This is all just me 'thinking out loud'...let me know if you think this ideas is worth pursuing 

Thanks Guys


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LeagueofSpeed 8/7/18
Event coordinator

I'm going to be building a single lane timed test track utilizing the new 3D Botmaker timer...and I'll know exactly what I've got moving forward with my Stocks and Mods. It is a unique idea and I would like to ponder it a bit before giving my 2 cents.

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