Build Concept: Space Saving Track

BroTrackMaster Monday, 2/7/2022

Ok, so this is my first post here. Just a fair warning, I tend to draw up a lot of concepts and never end up following through, hopefully this time is different. 

The real purpose for this post is to share my idea and see if anyone else has attempted anything similar. So here it is....I am planning on designing and building a space saving track that is modular and multi-purpose, by utilizing a Murphy table concept. The only space I have available to build a track is in my son's bedroom and it just happens to be the only location with an unobstructed wall. I will draw up the design and post it on this thread within the next couple days. 

UPDATE: So I realized the complexity of this project and when a different direction focused more on storage but kept some modularity. The shelves fit two lanes of orange track or the AFCR straight track and can be moved around on the main body. *I'll upload more photos with the various configurations later. 


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CrazyEights 2/7/22

Lol! If you put it in there, you'll never get him to bed.

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Deedose 2/7/22

Is it something like that you are trying to achieve ? That's what comes to my mind .

  • Yes similar, but it will be oriented where the long edge of the board will be on the wall — BroTrackMaster

Great idea but the biggest issue is the amount of drop required will mean the depth of the 'bed' will be substantial. Not sure you can concertina supports without distorting the tracks when you fold them down but it's a great idea to store it away. 

  • The idea is that the track can still be disassembled and reconstruction into any configuration that fits in the 6’x3’ space — BroTrackMaster
  • Ok cool. Thought you meant you wanted it to just fold down and work. But if you’re going to at least partly disassemble and reassemble then it should be relatively easy. You’ll just need to plan out the layout and supports well so you can easily separate it. We have movable sections to our chaos canyon tracks but storing the extra parts is a bit of a pain. — Chaos_Canyon
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