Build Journal: Drag Strip 1/8 mile

KkomaCar Wednesday, 5/8/2024

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Track information

  • [KkomaCar] Diecast Drag Strip
  • New Drag Strip 1/8mile
  • 1/8mile = 200m (1:64 scale = 3.125m)
  • About 10.25ft


  • Begins on April 28th
  • Completed at the end of May

Track and Channel Goals

  • I want to promote K-Diecast Race like K-Pop
  • No toy orange tracks or 3D printed tracks used.
  • Use a 1:64 scale diorama

photo for reference

March~April - The timing system and start system

  • It was manufactured by recycling existing parts.
  • Since I am not an Arduino expert, I had a lot of difficulties when working on it for the first time.

April 28th

  • Wood and frame work

May 1st

  • masking tape work
  • Isopink cutting work for terrain

May 3rd

  • Asphalt and concrete work for modeling

May 6th

  • The color of the starting line was decided by voting in the Korean diecast community.
  • Korea has a history of being "white color", so we decided on white.

  • The background and wooden chopsticks were placed randomly for taking pictures.
  • The test drive has been completed.

May 9th

  • Building sign installation
  • Change the starting point to red
  • Diecast Brand Decoration
  • Place a sample figure and take a photo

  • I will update the content each time the work is completed.


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Phil_NWA1 5/8/24

Looking really good 

  • Thank you. I'll try harder. — KkomaCar
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dr_dodge 5/8/24

that is amazing work!

more pictures please!


  • Yes! I'll keep you updated. I updated it on May 9th. — KkomaCar
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JBlotner42 5/8/24


Looking good. What is the track material you're using? Is it just painted wood?

  • It's an asphalt expression material. I'm using it in addition to concrete. — KkomaCar

Now thats a Track!! Sweet, Nice craftsmanship!!!

  • It is still about 65% complete. I will update it at least every 3 days. — KkomaCar

That fake asphalt is terrific!!

  • I don't want it to look like a toy. I want to represent the race as realistically as possible with diecast. — KkomaCar
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KkomaCar 5/10/24

May 10th

  • Applying topographic plaster
  • Roof and prop production

  • I have not sent cars yet. I have two ready, but I am just waiting to see what you are going to do. — Numbskull
  • I don't often see Red Line Derby messages, so please send me a Facebook message and I'll respond as quickly as possible! — KkomaCar

One of the best tracks I've ever seen in this short amount of time.

  • The greatest compliment! Thank you. I think I can finish it in about two weeks and upload a race video! I will update the build journal until it is completed. — KkomaCar
  • Cool. — LottaSpeedRacing
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KkomaCar 5/12/24

May 12nd

  • lawn work
  • Track sanding, for racing purposes. Repainting after sanding
  • I'm so tired because it took me all day on Sunday.

KoreaDiecastRacing,   This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.  This is an inspiration for me to keep working on mine.  If you need any Arduino help, I will be glad to help where I can.  Chris

  • thank you! I'll contact you the next time I make it again! — KkomaCar
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KkomaCar 5/13/24

May 13rd

  • making trees
  • Tree Placement and Diorama Testing

I still have to finish the details. I think it will take about 2 weeks.

See you soon in a YouTube video.

And New channel!

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