Build Journal: New continuous race track in progress

LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League Sunday, 5/5/2024

Here's the start of the new continous race track we are naming the Appalachian Raceway. Some early stages of the build. I know several want to know how it's done, and I will pass that on, as soon as I have figured the best way I know how. It has been somewhat costly to figure out the best system. I don't mind too much, as this is my passion, but to save y'all some undo expense and aggravation, I'll let you know when I do. Also, to the car builders who want to send cars to run on it, let me know and I will post some pics or videos of how the cars need to be. Any ideas welcomed.

In order, Jacobs ladder, turn 1, long back stretch to turn 2, turn 2 down 3 and up to 4, the short straight after turn 4 will go into the mountain and out at turn 5 to the finish and connect again to Jacobs ladder out of turn 6. 

Godbless, Christian.


Cool! Behind the scenes reveals are always appreciated! Especially at interesting and different tracks!

This is looking very cool already! Can't wait to race on it!

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LordSyosset 5/6/24

Have you done any time runs? With those angles it looks like a very fast run. 

  • I haven't done any timed runs yet, as I still have to complete it back over to the ladder. Due to the fact that the cars can't have any weight added, I have steeper angles to get the going. I'll know more once I connect it entirely. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League

I'd love to send a couple of test cars.  I really like the build/test parts of track creation. What do you feel is the the weight limit on this new track?

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