Build Journal - Piston Junction - day 5

StarCorps Monday, 6/26/2023

This is day five. I am holding off on further construction until I get my shipment in from Slanman Customs. I bit the bullet and got all my turns and start and finish gate from him, to ensure consistency. 

I like a Hot Car Tracks turns, but I found that the way they lift the roadway really sucks away a lot of speed. 

My gear should be here by the end of the week, I expect. 


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dr_dodge 6/26/23

wow, nice

keep posting pics!


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EnZedRacing 6/27/23

With the HCT pieces, what do you mean by "they lift the roadway" ??

Is it the angle of the turns? Or where the corners connect to flat track? 

I have a full set up from HCT and I've never noticed a drop in speed but that's because the whole track is from him (??)

Not being rude, just genuinely curious  :)


  • The 90 starts with the CR track being lifted to 45 degrees, which creates an uphill area coming into the turn, which slows the cars. — StarCorps
  • And no rudeness! I use HCTs ralley jump and actual jumps. Great stuff. His 90s just don't work on my layout, I think. — StarCorps
  • Ohhhh yeah it is banked on his turns. I've never really noticed apart from when they hit the corner too fast and go flying !! I've ended up raising the corners to slow the approach which works well. — EnZedRacing
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