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Building 8 lane 1/4 mile

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wadesgames 8/21/15

This is for profit but my passion is to have the very best traveling track and to give back to the community. I will be giving back did you notice the Redline Derby Billboard in the video. I will have it up when space is available. I will need help on tournaments after I get done with all my October Festivals. Its my busiest month of the year and also need to work in a little hunting. But the winter months Things slow way down. Looking at a tournament to help out with cancer that would have teams from businesses and others, mail ins would be great. The Civic Center is interested in hosting the event. But before I have a really big event I will need to have some training tournaments to work our timing and heats. I have derby software that handles all of that but don't know any thing about classes and such. It would be great to have a unlimited div to see who can push the most speed out of a die cast car. The software outputs placing, elapsed time and scale miles per hour for each car. I have two stock cars that run 254 to 257 on the quarter mile, that's 20' 7 1/2", I wonder how much that can be improved. Also need help on video and sound. Looking forward to getting to know the people on the forum.  

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72_Chevy_C10 8/22/15

Hey Wade,

The tournaments on here are very straightforward...and a lot of fun! I kinda took the Summer off from racing and hosting, but I will be getting some events rolling this Fall.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask...I'm sure that you'll find the answers you need! 

I do all the photography and video work on my phone...and that includes and text and slow motion.

Thanks for sharing your track...and Welcone!

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redlinederby 8/22/15
Site manager

Great video, thanks for posting! That's quite the setup, well made and thought out for portability but still sturdy. It's been a dream to have a tool chest for cars but it's always been out of my price range - nice to see someone's got that figured out. Just seems perfect.

And big THANKS for the billboard :) Anytime you can squeeze that in, I know we all appreciate it.

I think with your track here, Redline Derby has officially covered the entire range of track builds. From simple wooden planks for home fun to a pro-style setup for business. I think your video will give everyone some great ideas on how to construct a track, super track or otherwise.

[Editor's note: I may move some videos up to the first post so it's easier to find right away.]

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nothingness 8/28/15

Very nice!!! reduce the angle and cars wont leave the track. 

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wadesgames 9/2/15

Setting up track for first event. It will be the first time that its all together under a tent with the other attractions open to the pubic. Got a video person hired to shoot video of the setup. He's bring his HD and gopro cameras will share when I get some video. Decided to hire some that knows what he is doing. All the signs are done got 130 feet of checked flag pendants to hang under the 20 X 20 high peak tent. We will be giving carnival prizes for the winner of each race. We will provide cars to the pubic or they can race they their own. Will be giving vintage Richard Petty Posters to the winners kids areas before sat and sun at the Darlington Nascar Races. The next time we will race will be the FIREBALL RUN Sept. 30 downtown Florence SC.  Then it will be time to discuss what kind of race to have next and how to do the mail in race stuff. 

  • Sweet...have fun! Can't wait to see photos/video — redlinederby
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wadesgames 4/13/16    Here is a YouTube like to my track setup inside with 46 scoring monitor 

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wadesgames 4/13/16     Video track setup outside. Sorry  it took so long to get some video of the final track setups.

  • good show...well done — fordman

Where I can find that equipment of the timing for the finish line ?

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redlinederby 5/8/18
Site manager

Not sure exactly, hopefully Wade will chime in, but it looks like a Judge finish line. They've been around a while and always looks like solid equipment. I've never had one in my setup as they're a little out of my price range, but it has the computer hook-up stuff with it. They offer 2-8 lane options.

You might always want to browse through the Finish Lines collection of articles here on the site. You might find some more info, products and get some ideas.

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