Building a HotWheels racer with a Guitar String IDRL Camero Build

Beaverworx Friday, 3/24/2023


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dr_dodge 3/28/23

nice vid. Thanks for posting it

I have been doing similar with piano wire
first wire I bought from the local RC shop (used for RC planes control wires)
then bought an assortment of various sizes from amazon
If you drill and tap the weight, you can hold it in with a screw in the center of the chassis


  • Good to see a fellow RC Plane Iv used the guitar sting trick for linkage as well! I think Ill try the tap and screw the weight in — Beaverworx
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TheMakersBox 3/28/23

Seems like this would quite litterally allow you to "tune" for a track!

Any hints on what size strings you used?

  • Well... that one was a thick E String. But Im thinking a bit thinner may be better So maybe try a D...lo — Beaverworx
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NDeavers80 3/28/23

The only issue I can think of is keeping the car going in a straight line otherwise I like it

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dr_dodge 3/29/23

Keeping the straightness is why I have been experimenting with a t shaped front axle.  It can go up and down, but stays centered.  (tube is soldered to a brass strip, and attached "mid ship")

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