Building Hot Wheel Track For Cub Scouts

aircooled Monday, 1/9/2017

First, let me say I sent a msg  to C-10 to get his inputs and I thank Chris very much for that.

Second, everyone year we have a big Cub Scouts pine wood derby race, here is the link  We will have over 500 Scouts from all over and cars sent in from all over the country to race.  This year we are adding Hot Wheel racing to the event per my suggestion.  The Scouts will have a lot of other things to do, while waiting for their car to run.  Along with racing Hot Wheels, we also have a lego room and the kids can race lego's there also.

My job is to build a Hot Wheel track for the Scouts.  I plan on it having two 25' lanes.  I just purchased a roll of 50' orange track.  What is the best way to secure the track, keeping in mind the track will be to be taken apart at the end of the day.  For a starting gate I'm thinking about a   Max Traxxx

I also need to come up with a starting gate that can last a day of Scouts using it.   Either way I have to build a starting gate that can last with a fun day of Scouts racing.  There will be an adult running the track, but the track  set-up needs to be bullet proof.  Any suggestions or idea's would be great. Thanks in advance to your help.


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fordman 1/10/17

would a home made, remote start [string], starter work for the cubbies ?

if so i will weld up a Sloppy Starter for the troop if you can use it...check out C10's videos, he uses one...

the string lets you start them standing halfway down the track for easier videoing...

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