Building the Homestead Quarter Mile (Different Style)

Big_Poppy Monday, 12/16/2019


I'll be starting work on the 1/4 mile track at Homestead Farms and I was wondering IF there were set standards for the amount of fall and the amount of track used in a fall? 

I am considering an equal, continuous drop for the entire track. So the cars will continue to accelerate until they hit their max speed or the finish gate. I wanted to make the grade steep enough to cause a realistic time for a quarter mile. I was thinking an 8 – 9 second time for winners was pretty fast. This means the grade may be a 1/12 pitch or a 4.8 degree drop.

You guys that have been at this awhile have any input about this kind of track? There is another reason I want to do this for a reason I will not yet disclose.


Big Poppy


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LeagueofSpeed 12/16/19
Event coordinator

Basically 20' 7" continuous drop...I'd start it at 40" and let gravity take over from there....PM me if you need anything or want to bounce ideas off me.

actually LOS and big poppy the track would be 20'7.5"

I luv this idea.

big poppy I could do a sketch 4 u if u want

here's ur track

  • Thanks so much. I was going to get the measurements over my Christmas break, this'll save me time in the set up! — Big_Poppy
  • Psssh...math. Is that some of your fancy trig? ;P — redlinederby
  • yes — HotWheelsRacing
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redlinederby 12/17/19
Site manager

I'm a fan of the long downhill. My first track could do either and I thought the long hill really changed how the cars performed, so it was a nice change. Can't wait to see what you put together. 

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