Building Update- Starting stages of building a track

Midwest_Diecast_Raceway Sunday, 2/11/2024

The bridge came yesterday and we had to put it together today.  I hope to recruits my girl to paint like the Mackinac bridge.  The CR tracks fits so well, allowing for more flexibility where to place it.  

Thanks dr. dodge for the suggestion on extending the track to give the cars more time to gain speed.  I'm definitely leaning towards that!


Very cool!

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dr_dodge 2/11/24

that bridge is amazing

I admit I searched out that "building system" today

they have very nice stuff, and i was hopin',

you'd come back and say CT fits.

a bit pricey for big builds, but targeted focal points, they are a wow

amazing details!

thank you for turning me on to those

good luck building!


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41-14 2/11/24

That looks awesome. Is it a scale railroad bridge?  I'm curious where you found it. Good luck with your project. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. 

  • Not a scaled railroad bridge, to my knowledge. I think an O scale train would look good on it. It's a Mini Units Bridge set. I originally saw one at a hobby shop in St. Ignace, MI, a small town in the Upper Peninsula. I knew I wanted one for our track... ???? I bought this one off of eBay. It came with free shipping and the price was less than retail. — Midwest_Diecast_Raceway

Nice! A focal point for a cool race track for sure!

That'll be cool!

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Bossick 3/20/24

It would be hilarious to see the track painted with the green grates. Then again, that bridge is seemingly always getting repainted.

Very cool. Looking forward to how you implement it all in.

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