Buyer beware...Crash Racers track not all the same.

Wasteland_Racing Wednesday, 1/27/2021

Picked up a couple sets of crasher track and one set of straight tracks were molded with rough surface. Anyone else come across this issue?

Not sure how it'll effect speed, plan on testing. But might be good for a rally track though. 


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Chaos_Canyon 1/27/21

I'm pretty sure someone else mentioned this recently, when buying multiple track sets. Different manufacturing dates sounded like they'd changed tooling or manufacturers between batches

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SpyDude 1/27/21

Fire up the belt sander - it'll smooth right down!
(No, don't do that ...)

  • Lol, was thinking a layer of clear coat with a leverler added may help but i'll probably just return it to wally world — Wasteland_Racing
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Plibbo64 5/23/21

I just bought Crash Racers and it's the somewhat textured set. I haven't opened my other crash racers yet, but I hope they're at least consistent.

  • Hit it with a coat of tan for a rally set? — SpyDude
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Plibbo64 5/31/21

Okay, I opened the other two sets and organized them all into one container.

Two of the Nascar Crash Racers, same product snd packaging, were the smooth tracks. One was the rough style.

Also got the oval short track, it has two short straights in it, and those are both the rough style.

I noticed this issue when building the Deep Eddy Raceway. Luckily I didn't need all of my pieces so I wound up able to use only the original sets. I noticed a bit more of a "slick" performance with the new version. The cars tend to drift...which can be fun but the BIG difference I didn't like was the size and shape of the folded edges on the straight pieces. Connectors like popsicle sticks that I use did not work at all for perfecting the alignment of the side walls. 3D printed connectors may or may not be as effective either. 

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Dretty 9/8/21

I use a combination of the two types. Uniform performance from what I have gathered. 

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