By - Eye manual finish line

model40fan Friday, 11/14/2014

Sharpened my pencil, drew a mock up finish line... It works by having white discs on 1.5" stalks set at 50* from vertical,  strike paddles hanging straight down 3", with [2] 1/2" holes in the flat black overhead  "FINISH" banner, YOU must watch closely to see which disc fills / lights up, it's hole first ;


Any racers think I should mess with this, ? ... I have a wizard... Just a wonder if I can thing...


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iowastockcars 11/14/14

Smitty an idea for you on this, thinking of how my 4 lane HW track finish line works---could you angle those white discs to pop into a single central hole?  Then you can easily see which one got there first, just put different colors on them or lane numbers.  However they would need to be spring loaded if you want them to stay there.

  • that was the idea behind it... springs needs locks, and this self resets... — model40fan
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model40fan 11/14/14

hmmmm..... the discs would need to be on pivot shafts at different angles, they would need to be perfect,  the HW versions were a very flexible and forgiving plastic... I do steel !... so, two holes it is for now...

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model40fan 11/15/14

Sloppy Finish-line... "By Eye" ...Mock up ;

The paddles will soon have a short section of vacuum line slid onto them to protect the cars, white pads will be glued to the washers, the 1/8" holes in the black plate will be drilled out to 1/2" each, the contrast between the flat black plate and gloss white discs ought to do the trick ; 

I left the extra length on the 1/4" bolts, it will let you slide straws onto them as flagpoles or to hang a track banner between them...

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Stroller 11/17/14

In the opening where the "flags" pop up to you could place a couple items like ping pong balls or something.  The balls would be link together by maybe a piece of string on the same side that the flags hit.  When they hit the first one would get knocked thru the hole and the other one would get pulled back the other way.  Which ever ball was hit first would be on the side towards the starting line and the other on the other side.  Now you know who won.....I'm claimng a patent on this right

  • keep thinking roller, i like it ! — model40fan
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