Call it a Wash, off-road track

dr_dodge Thursday, 12/8/2022

Over the thanksgiving holiday, we needed to use the fun room upstairs for guests.

So I had to put the "jetsons" mountain track in storage for the week.  I am always building something, so thought I'd destroy a couple cars, or something like that.

Then, I went out to the shop to get something, and saw all the curved scrap from cutting out the curve blanks for jetsons.   (insert sounds of rusty gears here)

I also had 1 rectangle of pink foam, 3' x 5 1/2'.  I split it offset, notched out the ends so they fit together, and started gluing the scrap on it, and the whole think came together.

Off road technical track.  Made for any off road, or big trucks.  

So, behold the new track, in finished texture  (ignore the cat food

the two halves, transportable in my challenger trunk

close ups of road bed

the jump at the end

Launch pad, (manual hand release,)

The track will be very flat, probably 4-6" over the 10' length
on a stand about 3' off the ground.
added hazards will include fences, buildings, trees and brush, cows, etc
It will be real hard to make a single car full pull.  It will take teamwork.

(Contemplating a "chain rescue" option if you can get a team car close and don't lose you chain, you can try to pull it out)

Race will be multi car teams.    Rules will be a combo of Junkyard Joust, croquet, and shuffleboard.  Using all your team cars to drive others down the wash, and also blocking other teams cars.  Will be test playing this weekend at the slot car club shop I hang out at.
(we are trying to sort out the soon to open maxx traxxx drag strip, and hope to run a diecast program on Friday nights, too) 

Will try to get some vids shot, and more pics when I get the thing "hazarded"

I also need a cool name, so any ideas are appreciated



What a Great Track! Looks like its going to be a kick!

  • I am hoping so, a little different "game play," too — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 12/8/22

just a brain here,

but could this race be designed for team building?

I remember the thread about HW with the 3 races, in a corp setting, great stuff

if it could, then could you rent it with the race marshal to teach team building?

the other idea:

a proxy track.  sceniced, it's  2 panels that should fit in a 2' x 6' x 6"  box

run some races, ship it to someone else, 

all pink foam, so pretty light

a bag of bashable scenery included, add some of your own, glue lose stuff back down, then send it

y'alls own house rules could be fun

Y'all who have vid capabilities especially, could be quick and easy footage for later editing (small track)

stick the 2 halves together, set hazards, race

just brainstroming, but I am an insane builder nut

always building, just no place to store the stuff

would love if someone could do something with it, too

or we just call it a

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dr_dodge 12/12/22

Well, I took the track to our slot car competition on sunday, and messed around with it.  Was a hit enough that it will be a perm track addition to the club, along with the Maxx traxx drag strip we are finishing up.  Hopefully get a stand made so we can hold some races (probably after the first of the year

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dr_dodge 3/12/24

Well, Update on the track.

I have brought is back home now.

It is set up and being tuned

plan on shooting some of road competition on it

still am sorting out the rules

first vid

A Challenger. Nice! 

Like the track too.

Really coooool!!!   Call it a said it about...."THE JAMESTOWN GULLY WASH" ?

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StarCorps 3/12/24

I'm in!

  • not ready yet, but very fun to run cars down in testing — dr_dodge
  • the warwagon rocks it — dr_dodge
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StarCorps 3/13/24

I don't care when, I want in :) 

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RaginRicky 3/15/24

I'll send a car to run. That look like a fun little set up

Looks like an interesting challenge/race! I have been playing around with fanfold foam. I have alot left over from profile R/C foamie combat planes. I think it would be great for something like this!

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dr_dodge 3/15/24

I sat upstairs running cars on this thing for a couple hours 

It was fabulous, I felt like I was 12 years

I also thought I'd share some highlights

"The Harvester" for Chowhounds premiers at the end.


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