Can you cut orange track for different lengths?

DJRobLuv Sunday, 3/11/2018

Does anyone know how to cut orange track to create different needed lengths?

I’d imagine that regular scissors wouldn’t work on that plastic...

Any ideas?



Straight edge to draw a sharpie...razor or razor knife and go slow. I cut the seamless for Bootleg Run this way.

Soak it in hot water first and then cut it to fit and let it sit for a 2-3 days....going over it with a hair dryer once or twice a day is good as well.

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DJRobLuv 3/11/18



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redlinederby 3/12/18
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Yup...just a utility knife is all I use. It's easy...more so if it's the thinner track. No sweat, and if you F up, just buy more track!

Just remember...measure twice, cut once.

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